Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Kitchen Faucet

Updating the old kitchen sink.

Can you say boring!!!!

With a little help from my hubby and my father-in-law.  We were able to change out the facuet for an updated look. 

Following the directions, it was very simple.

I love it!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stair Redo

Starting 2012

Hating the carpet on your stairs.

My first project for 2012 was to take the carpet off my stairs.  I was so tired of lugging my vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs, with all the stains and spills.  Finally after the New Year and with all decoration put up.  I started taking the carpet off.

I then enlist my oldest son to help pull the carpet up.


 My WH (wonderful husband) and I removed all the brad nails and carpet tack strips, then we filled all the nail holes and sanded the stair treads down. 
We then stained every other stair tread, so we could still get up and down the stairs.  We primed and painted the risers.  Then polyed the stained stair treads.

We were also able to remove the spindles and repaint them also.  We also caulked around the stairs.


 I am now in love with my stairs.  !!!!  LUV LUV!!! Oh yeah, did I say I LOVE MY STAIRS!!!