Sunday, August 12, 2012

Build a Dining Table and They Will Come - or at least have room for them

I have always wanted to have a large dining table.  I could never find just the right table, or one that was in my budget.

So when asked what I wanted for Mother's Day.  I told the family that I wanted lumber to make a dining room table.  With lots of funny looks from the boys, off to Lowes we went to bring home the wood for our new table.

So while JP, my oldest son was getting ready for prom, I was "trying" out the pattern I found online for my new table.

Finally getting some where.

Even got the DH helping out on this one.  

Adding the stainable wood filler to the top of the white pine.

With a little help getting the table out of the dining room and into the garage to sand down the top.

Stain on top.  Base and legs painted with homemade chalk paint.  Love this stuff. 

The final product.  I used the chairs from our old dining set.  Paint the chairs with the homemade chalk paint.  The bench, my father made before he past away.  It sat outside for years, so I sanded it down also and stained and painted same as the table. 

The dining room chairs I recovered in canvas drop clothes from Home Depot.

Now I have a table that can seat 10.  Lots of room for both of my boys and all their friends

Total I spent for this table was $120.00

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