Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our New Updated Mantle

Who out here in Cyber Land is a private stalker?  I love my DIY websites, and few I just roam through their websites over and over and over.  I love Down To Earth Style.  Holly has such wonderful ideas and tutorials.

Here is her updated mantle. 
Here is our mantle before.

Not very wide.  Only 7 inches.

Now here is the after. 
 We used:
(1) 1x12x6 - top
(1) 1x10x6 - bottom
(1) 1x8x6 - front
(2) shelf brackets

Following Holly's instructions: I made a 5 sided box.  I had some extra pieces left over from a previous project to use for the ends. 
Then we placed the box on top of the old mantle and just screwed into the old mantle.

Our new mantle is 12 inches deep. 
Thanks to my husband.  I voted for 10 inches, but he won,
you know..... Rock, Paper - Scissor.

I am sorry to say that I get so excited starting a project.  That sometimes I forget to stop and take pictures.  But lucky for us  Holly at
  Down to Earth Style has instruction on how to build this mantle.

 Here is our mantle dressed up for Christmas.

Here is Layla, napping in front of the fire place with her Christmas blanket.

Our Christmas Tree

I knew once I saw a picture of a tree in an old wash tub on Pinterest, I had to do the same thing. My husband found our old tub under our house. I cleaned it up and sat it in a corner of my dining room till now. We found our tree in Sparta, NC. My boys usually pick out our tree, this year my oldest picked this beauty. We decorated this beautiful tree with white lights pine cones, white, gold and clear ornaments. I also took a canvas drop cloth and ripped into strips. Then tied (knots) the strips together to use as my garland. I am so in love with my tree.