Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas House Tour

This year I wanted to do something difference around the house for our Christmas decorations.  Usually I have a hodge podge of decorations.  I wanted to have more of a theme.
A more rustic feel.
I changed out the normal green Christmas wreath.  I removed all the greenery, then took old muslin curtains and ripped them, then cut into strips.  Then tied them on the wire wreath.  I think it looks really cute.
For our manger scene, Baby Jesus does not show up till Christmas Day. 
We have a tradition, where Baby Jesus is wrapped as a present.  It is left at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning to be discovered by the boys.  The gift says To the Teague Family, Love God.  Even though JP, who just turned 18 and Will, who is 11, they take turns to open the present and setting Baby Jesus in his place in the manger.


Can you tell that I love Snowmen.  I collect them each year.

This is my father-in-law's tool box that he made.  He was so wonderful to let me have it.  I sanded, stained, and painted.  Then sanded again. 
Then just added the silk flowers.



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  1. I made a similar wooden Christmas tree. They are so fun to make...and a great message, too!

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