Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pain and Joy at Christmas time.

I can not believe how time flies.  I was doing so well just after Thanksgiving.  I had my tree up, the house decorated.  List made to get all the shopping done.   Also had started my holiday baking.  Then...
On a Friday, December 14th about 2:00pm.  I received a phone from Will's school.  He had been tripped on the play ground during recess.  His teacher said he was hurting but nothing seem broken, as he could still move his arm and no swelling had started. 
I thought okay, wonderful, as I had 25 people coming to the house for a family gathering that night.  So when I got home I checked his arm, gave him lots of love and tended to the abrasions on his arm and hand.  Also with his arm still tender.  I wrapped it with an ace bandage, and went into hosting mode.
Fast forward about 10 hours.  I took JP and Will with me to the Hospital I work at.  They were having Cookies and Milk with Santa.  Even though they are older than the children participating in the event.  They still enjoyed seeing the younger children excited to see Santa.
Will was still complaining about his arm.  So with us in the hospital, I said lets go get an x-ray.  Could be a possible hairline fracture.  So to the Emergency Room we went.  They were so wonderful to him and we hit the ER at just the right time.  No one was in the waiting room.  We walked straight back to the room.
After the xay, they said no broken bones.  But his pain was in the wrist, they thought something was going on with the growth plate.  If he had a fracture or hairline fracture in his wrist, it would not show up for about a week.  So we came out with a splint and an appointment with an Orthopedist.
The following Thursday, now out of school for winter break.  We went to see the Orthopedist.  He looked at the x-rays from the Hospital and then examined Will's arm and wrist.  William still had pain in his wrist.  So....
William has a cast for Christmas.  Merry Christmas Will. 
The doctor said he did not want to take a chance with his growth plate.  So Will has a cast. 
When he went into the room to get the cast put on, the wonderful lady asked Will what color do you want.  Will asked " Do you have Camo?"  What 11 year old boy would not want Camo?  The lady replied.  I am sorry, but we do not have Camo.  So Will said what about Carolina Blue. 
He gets his cast off on January 10th.  Wow what a crazy time.  He is doing well.  So well that the white part is not white anymore.  It is brown. 
Got to love boys....

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