Monday, February 11, 2013

Kitchen and Pantry - Finally Finished

We finally finished our Kitchen Update.  YIPPIE!!!
 You can see the before from an earlier post here
Here are some pictures from that post.
The cabinets and floors before the paint, flooring, blood, sweat and sore backs.

Now here my kitchen with the cabinets painted, backsplash made of recycled heat treated pallets.  And now my new laminate floors.  I love them.  We (my hubby and me) installed the floors our selves.

 Now for the backside of the counter with my sink.  It was just a plain counter.  Very plain. 

So then we painted the cabinets and it was still very plain. 
So once we got the floors put down, I started thinking about  "board and batten".  I used lattice boards from Lowes.


 Totally loving the cabinet now. 

Now onto the pantry. 
I thought I had more pictures of my pantry. 
We had CARPET, yes I said CARPET in my pantry.  I guess the builder, ran out of linoleum and just put carpet in the pantry.  We also had the wire shelves.  Totally hated them.  Then I purchased resturant shelves, chrome metal shelves. Totally hated them as well.  So when we took out the shelving to remove the carpet.  I talked my wonderful hubby into wood shelves.  

We bought 1x2's for the support braces.  We drilled pilot holes and screwed them into the studs.  Then used 1x12's as the shelving and just screwed them into the support braces.
We did not want white shelves, so we just stained the wood.

We also have a return duct work coming into the pantry.  So we constructed a box out of plywood and then added more support braces and shelves.


Now for the last project.  I was over at Shanty 2 Chic.  They had a wonderful door Foil and paper organizer.  I was able to put it together with some leftover wood and lattice pieces.
I love it.  Now more room on the shelves.  Sorry no pictures, my hands where horribly covered with stain.