Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Refreshing the Master Bathrooms

We decided to "Re-fresh" our bathroom.  Again with the builder grade cabinets and the 15 year old linoleum. 
Here is the Master Bathroom  Before and After.

It was time for something to change.
We painted the cabinets Fired Earth by Valspar and added laminated floors.

Then we added moulding around the mirror.  Also, please note the faucets.  Not my favorite.

Here is a an upclose picture of the faucet.  Boring!  Time for a change.
Here is our new faucets.  We purchased the Delta Windemere, Brushed Nickel from Lowes.
Love at first sight.

John, my Darling Hubby (DH) getting under the sink to change out the faucets.  He so wonderful.

Here is the finshed product.  Doesn't it look wonderful.

Now when I go into the bathroom, I do not cringe.

Here is a shelf made from a pallet.  I just cut an end section from a pallet.  Then added a piece of wood at the top and 1x2 at the bottom.   I then sanded, stained and then sanded again.  I hung the shelf with gorilla hooks.
I made the bath tub shelf with left over 1x12, and added 1x2's to the bottom, then stained, sanded and brushed on a coat of polyurethane.

Here is the window over our tub.  The curtain is just canvas drop cloth bought from Home Depot (theirs does not have any seams).  I had some left over pallet wood, so I added  some hooks and the curtain hooks and there you have it. 
I also took an idea from Pinterest, (wow what a concept).  I used some pretty linen paper and added a border, then in large font used the letter of the hubby's and my first name.  Then added our name at the bottom in smaller font.  Then framed and hung on the wall.

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