Friday, October 18, 2013

Barnwood Bench

 One afternoon at my mothers, my husband and I were helping mow the yard and cut the bushes back.  I went out to the barn and found some wonderful treasures.
 I discovered an old beam from the barn, an old ladder, and an old fence post.  But the best find was an old board from my Grandfather's chicken coop. (the one leaning)

John (Darling hubby) and I have been wanting a bench for our bedroom.  To go at the end of our bed.
So I pulled together the old beam from the barn and fence post and some other wood from the barn.

 The beam was over 4 inches thick.
 Here is the bench all together. 

Now the bench is stained.  (Sorry about the pic.  It is very light)

After the stained dried, I then painted the base white.  After the paint dried, I then sanded down the base.

 Here is the bench in it's place of honor.  Then end of our bed.  I love it.  Plus it is a little bit of history from my family. 

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