Thursday, October 17, 2013

Decorating Bra's For A Cause

Who out there knows about Bra's for a Cause?
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I have not had Breast Cancer, but I have had melanoma.  My father had melanoma, and 20+ years later passed away from colon cancer.  So my family is very aware of cancer and all about being preventative. 
At the local Hospital I work at, they sponsor an event called Tickled Pink.  The event is for women.  They have a silent auction and the Bra's for a Cause.  All proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness. 

 So a few co-workers (Robin, Joyce, Shantel and Angie)  and I joined in the fun.  Here are a few bras we decorated one night after work.

This one is Boo-Bee.

This one is Treasure Chest.

This one is Sea Cup.

Robin's daughter made this one.  It is called Cupcake.
Yes the names are cheesy, but fun.  This was so fun to work together and decorate the bra's.  The bra's will be displayed at our Mall for all who visit to vote on.  Then will be displayed at to the Tickled Pink event.

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