Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Ever Changing Breakfast Nook

Many, many years ago, I purchased this round table and chairs from a furniture consignment shop.  The oak table top has taken some serious torture from my boys since it was purchased.  We thought about giving the set away several times and finding something new. 

 Notice the buffet on the left side.  It is also in the same light oak color.  Not so pretty anymore.

(see the pretty blue valances)

I then sanded down the table top, not sure of what it would do to the top of the table.  But once I started sanding, I knew it was going to turn out beautiful.  Then I cleaned the table based, lightly sanded then spray painted the table base.
For some crazy reason I painted the table base, chairs and buffet BLACK and dyed my curtains brown.  Which was fine for a while. But since I just painted my cabinets white, the breakfast nook was just too dark.
So fast forward a year and I decided to make a new kitchen table.  Due to my boys getting bigger, and we could not push the chairs under the table .  The table apron was too low.  Also since I move my pie safe into the kitchen, we could not get around the table very well.
This table was made from wood from my parents barn and several old fence post.
I also made open shelves from the same wood.  I love these shelves.  I found the idea at Keeping It Cozy
When I made the new table.  I also painted the buffet white.

Much brighter now.  I also took down the dark brown curtains.  I then made new curtain rods out of electrical conduit.  Then I purchased some white curtains from Ikea.  We also played switcheroo with the chandeliers in our house.  This one came from our Dinning room.  One of my neighbors gave us one for our dinning room. 

 Now we can travel around the table and can access the pie safe.  I love this piece, it was my Grandmothers (from my Mother's side).
I love my Breakfast Nook now.  

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