Friday, October 10, 2014

Updating the Deck

(Sorry for the belated post.  I have computer issues lately.- I hope you enjoy).

When we refreshed the front of our house, we decided our deck was way over due for some refreshment.

The last time we gave our deck any attention was when our youngest Will (who is now 13 years old) was in diapers running around our front yard in the sprinklers with his brother JP.

The deck was dirty and looking very UGH.

We used Olympic Deck cleaner.  This stuff is wonderful.  All you do is spray on, let it sit and then wash off with a garden hose.  No scrubbing.  How easy is that.

We purchased the solid stain by Olympic.  The color is Chocolate. 
We started by painting the "spindles" and also the deck top rail.

This is Layla and Sammy.  Layla has one area in the deck rail, where one of the spindles is broken.  Since she is the "Lady" of the house.  She will command Sammy from her spot in the railing and Sammy is running around the yard.


I then stained the corner post and the board under the rail (facing into the deck) with solid stain by Olympic.  The color is White.

Once all that was done.  It was finally time to do the "BIG" part.  The floor of the deck. 

I love it. (Even the muddy paw prints)
We also purchased a new patio umbrella.  Mr. "TC" purchased and installed rope deck lighting from Lowes. 

I love the lights under the umbrella.  


Monday, September 1, 2014

Garage Therapy

After  very long week at work, I always love to come home and have a little...
Garage Therapy.
I have just a few pieces left of the fencing my neighbor gave me.
I also had a area in my bedroom that needed a little something...
So I decided to use the fencing and old drawer pulls to make me.....
ta da... a Hat Rack!
I arranged the fencing like a gate, attached them together.  Then added the old drawer pulls and used some old hooks I had saved.
Then just hung it on the wall by screwing it to the studs.  To make sure it does not fall.
I love it.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hometalk and Cozy Breakfast Nook Designs

Hometalk is a wonderful group of homeowners and  do it yourselfers, who share their ideas and knowledge.

I go there all the time to get ideas and tips.   You can also share your own projects, as well as ask questions to the Hometalk community
 I have put together a “Cozy Breakfast Nook Design" board and you can see it and follow me by clicking the picture below.  
 Please come on over and check it out!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Outdoor "Refreshing"

We had our house washed, they used a BIG pressure washer on our front porch and drive way.  It looked like a floor sander with a HUGE round disc.  Anyway, years ago, Mr. Thrifty Chicken had painted our front porch with concrete paint.  When they cleaned the front porch some of the paint came up.  So Mr. "TC" wanted to repaint the front porch.

It looks so much better.

From there Mr. "TC" painted the shutters from Burgundy to Black.

I love the look of the shutters on the house now.

From there, I painted our Burgundy front door to Black.  It looks so more vibrant.

Then, I painted our back door from White to Black.

Our lovely "puppies" scratch on the back door to let us know when they want to come in.   The "White" door was a little dirty, no matter how much scrubbing, it was not coming clean.  
Well it was time to freshen things up a bit.

Till next time.  Take care!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Recycling Old Picket Fencing

Last summer, one of my neighbors was replacing sections of their white picket fence.  One afternoon, she was walking her dog past our house and we started talking.  I told her I thought her project was coming along very nicely.  She said she did not know what she was going to do with the old fence sections.  Of course me being so neighborly - I said "I would love to help you out and take them off your hands".  Now almost a year later, I have been debating different ways to use them.  

Memorial Day weekend, we had our house washed and had to move all stuff away from our house.  Hence - I had to move the sections off the back of the house.  I started going through Pinterest.  I then found a "potting bench" that was made from a picket fence.  I though WOW.

 Here are some of the sections of fence I received from my neighbor.

I took all the sections apart and removed all the screws.  My potting bench / outdoor server is 44" x 26".  I am very sorry, I did not stop to take pictures once I started putting it together.
I did cut most of  the top's off of 8 pickets to make the legs.  I used my Kreg Jig to join the legs, well as my nail gun.

Here is the finished product.  I love it.  Our deck is not covered so whatever is on the potting bench/outdoor server will get wet if it rains. 


I love it.  We have had several cookouts, it is wonderful to put food and other items on it for the cook out.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lighting Up a DARK Bathroom

Years ago, before all my DIY.  I painted our half bath and the boys bathroom - Ralph Lauren's Suede Burgundy.  Why???
I am not sure.  In the half bath it is very tiny and dark.  It was a very neat paint treatment, but the longer it was on the walls, the more I just did not like it.


Fast forward to the here and now.  I have realized the error of my selections.
I repainted the half bath with Valspar's Cream in my Coffee.
I love it.  
I also added the shelves.  They were an easy build.  Thanks to Shanty2Chic.


We also added molding around our window.  I also took out our window sill and added a longer one.  My inspiration came from Funky Junk Interiors.  As soon as I saw her post about her Farmhouse Window Molding.  I knew I had to do it in this bathroom

I caulked and painted the window sill and molding.  I love it. 
I want to add crown molding soon.
Thanks for stopping by. 
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