Saturday, February 8, 2014

Suprise Gift For My Hubby


My husband is such a wonderful gardener.  He can make just about anything grow.  He works so hard on our yard, flowers and flower beds.  I wanted to do something for him.  


We love to sit out on our front porch in the evenings during the week and enjoy a cup of coffee on weekend mornings. 
John tries to bring our dogs to sit on the porch with us. 
But it is hard to keep them on the porch. 
(Our Babies are a wee bit big)
Sammy and Layla
So I thought what a great surprise for him, is to make him a gate for the front porch. 
So off to Lowes I go for pickets and 2x4's.


I just made a box out of the 2x4's and then added the pickets.
I also purchased gate hinges and gate lock.  I did have to get John to help me put the gate doors up. 

Here is Sammy checking out the gate new gate. 


Now for a fresh coat of paint.

We love it, and the dogs love it!!!
Next Project for John!
A Grapevine Trellis....
John had planted a green grape vine.  It was planted on the side of our house.  Well.. It started to grow and grow up onto that front porch and the brick front.  So one afternoon John asked if I could make a trellis for his grapevine.  I of course said yes.
I used 2x2 for the frame and 1x2 for the cross pieces in the middle.
John ended up digging the holes to put the legs into the ground.
With all the crazy weather we have had here in North Carolina, it has held up very well.

I think it turned out wonderful.

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