Saturday, August 2, 2014

Outdoor "Refreshing"

We had our house washed, they used a BIG pressure washer on our front porch and drive way.  It looked like a floor sander with a HUGE round disc.  Anyway, years ago, Mr. Thrifty Chicken had painted our front porch with concrete paint.  When they cleaned the front porch some of the paint came up.  So Mr. "TC" wanted to repaint the front porch.

It looks so much better.

From there Mr. "TC" painted the shutters from Burgundy to Black.

I love the look of the shutters on the house now.

From there, I painted our Burgundy front door to Black.  It looks so more vibrant.

Then, I painted our back door from White to Black.

Our lovely "puppies" scratch on the back door to let us know when they want to come in.   The "White" door was a little dirty, no matter how much scrubbing, it was not coming clean.  
Well it was time to freshen things up a bit.

Till next time.  Take care!

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