Friday, October 10, 2014

Updating the Deck

(Sorry for the belated post.  I have computer issues lately.- I hope you enjoy).

When we refreshed the front of our house, we decided our deck was way over due for some refreshment.

The last time we gave our deck any attention was when our youngest Will (who is now 13 years old) was in diapers running around our front yard in the sprinklers with his brother JP.

The deck was dirty and looking very UGH.

We used Olympic Deck cleaner.  This stuff is wonderful.  All you do is spray on, let it sit and then wash off with a garden hose.  No scrubbing.  How easy is that.

We purchased the solid stain by Olympic.  The color is Chocolate. 
We started by painting the "spindles" and also the deck top rail.

This is Layla and Sammy.  Layla has one area in the deck rail, where one of the spindles is broken.  Since she is the "Lady" of the house.  She will command Sammy from her spot in the railing and Sammy is running around the yard.


I then stained the corner post and the board under the rail (facing into the deck) with solid stain by Olympic.  The color is White.

Once all that was done.  It was finally time to do the "BIG" part.  The floor of the deck. 

I love it. (Even the muddy paw prints)
We also purchased a new patio umbrella.  Mr. "TC" purchased and installed rope deck lighting from Lowes. 

I love the lights under the umbrella.  


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