Saturday, March 14, 2015

Changes In Our House and Building Furniture

This past summer, JP (my oldest) decided not to live in the dorm again this year, but to rent an apartment with some friends of his.

So, one day as we are talking about him moving into this apartment.  JP ask me to make him a bed and some other items for the apartment.  His bed from his bedroom here at home was just a frame, but he wanted a "real" bed for the apartment.

So we looked through the internet and Pinterest and came across a Farmhouse style bed frame.

Here is the start of the head board and (below) the foot board.
Here are the post for the footboard.
The footboard all together.
The headboard and footboard.

Now the frame has been added.
She is coming along very well.
JP wanted it stained Dark Walnut.  I love it.

Now she has her side rails.

Beautiful.  JP worked for a summer camp this past summer.  So when he finally came home - two days before he was to leave for school.  We were able to surprise him with his bed.
Sorry for the blurry picture. 
But here is his room in his apartment. 
Momma had a hard time with this.  As he totally moved out of our house.
But I believe he loves his new bed.
I might have to make me one.
Thank you for stopping by.