Sunday, November 15, 2015

A little rain will fall ... in your den

Our normal weekday morning routine is that my husband will be the first one to get up, he lets out Sammy and Layla, and then makes the coffee.  All the while I roll over and turn on the TV for the morning news and then whine constantly about not wanting to get up.
While on the morning of Thursday, February 5th, normal routine started, but as soon as my husband made it down stairs with the dogs, he came running back up stairs and made a mad dash to the boys bathroom.

I sat up in bed and said, "what is wrong".  John said "It is raining in the den".  Well me being myself.  I did not believe him.  I jump up and went down the stairs and turned the corner into our den and yep. Walked into an inch of water.  It WAS raining in 5 yes 5 places from our ceiling.  

Come to find out the boys toilet was stopped and we did not know it.

So I stayed home from work that day to mop and mop and mop up water.  Also to dry whatever I could.  We called our insurance company and they told us to get in contact with Servpro.

We ended up with 10 fans and 2 huge dehumidifiers in our house.  It sounded like airplane engines going constantly.

The guys were really quick to start work, and I was trying to stay out of their way as they worked.  So I went to the garage to work on a belated Christmas gift for my oldest son JP.  His cornhole set  My husband came to find me and said " you just have to come see this".  I walked back into the den and they guys were literally pulling up the floor I had so loving just put down under 2 years ago.

Well so much for me staying in the room.  The guys wanted to know what was wrong and my husband told them, that I had installed all the flooring in the downstairs and could not watch them pull it up in under 15 minutes.

Before all the water, I had started to repaint our kitchen and den.  I love the Tuscan feel in the kitchen, but if something got on the wall and I washed it, well the glaze would come off.  Also the original paint on the kitchen walls was French Vanilla by Behr, had been on the walls for over 14 years.  So, it was time to re-paint.  I chose Antique Stone 347-2.  I have seen the Nicole Curtis (Rehab Addict) use it and thought it would be a wonderful color in the house.  Well, I love it.

Of course, when you start in one place to "fix up" it slowly moves into several areas.  We also had to repaint all the walls in the den, where water had came down the walls.

More pictures to come.

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