Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rustic Charm in the Dining Room

We had an older china cabinet in our dining room, 
and every time the boys walked around the house or 
dogs took off running around the house the items 
in the china cabinet would rattle so bad.  
I thought the glass would break

This is the china cabinet.  It also would not hold all of my "stuff".  If I wanted to use something in the back or at the bottom, I had to take most everything out and then put it back in.

When looking on Pinterest trying to get some ideas for our dining.  I came across this WONDERFUL idea from Wood Grain Cottage Dining Room Open Shelving. (Please check out Shayna's post about her DIY shelving.  
It is a great tutorial.)

So I showed my hubby and he said "let's go for it".  So we did.

Here I am with the load of wood from Lowes.  See the hint of red lights at the hatch door in the back.  That is because the back hatch was tied closed but was open a little from the 12 foot boards we used.

One last picture of the old china cabinet.
(Sorry, I always have several projects going.  See my table)

This was my Friday night job, when I came home from work.  Staining all the wood.  Also took some sand paper to just knock some of the edges off the wood.

This is what most of my projects look like when I am trying to make sure I know where all the studs are.  The ones going up the wall in the middle are for the spacing of the shelves.

This is from the other side of the dining room.  

Here we are installing the side supports.  You want to make sure you get your heavy duty long screws into the studs.

Our wall was just under 12 feet.  For the top 3 shelves I used 2x10x12 pine.  The lower 2 shelves, I used (2) 2x8x12 per shelf.  Because of the width of the room is almost 12 feet, we did put a 2x3 support in the middle of the shelf.  Attached to the stud and then we also attached the shelf to the support.

We totally love them.  I was able to show off so much of my family's treasures.  It is such easy access.  

Here is another view from the other side of the dining room.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope this will inspire you as I was.