About me

When my boys were smaller, I spent my time between working full time and shuttling the boys to baseball practice, or games.  In 2011, JP and Will stopped playing sports, mostly to JP turning 16 and wanting to spend more time driving than playing baseball. 
In November of 2011 at a routine check up, I was questioned about some moles.  I then went to see a Dermatologist.  Had some test and turned out that I did have Melanoma.  I had surgery two days later.  During recovery, sitting around the house, I found Pinterest.  Looking at most of the projects.  I thought - I do not have to spend a fortune on my house to make it look better.  So right after the new Year (in 2012), I started my first DIY Project.  I took the carpet off my stairs and refinished them.  That was the start to other wonderful projects throughout my house and to the start of Thrifty Chicken. 

Thrifty Chicken was meant for family member to see all the projects we had done ourselves.  Why the name Thrifty Chicken?  Well one thing is I am very Thrifty and do not see paying for over priced items. Even to create something myself.  Chicken, is because as a teenager I called all my girlfriends  "Chicken".  Why I do not know and I still call them that till this day.  Many of them call me that back. 

I hope you enjoy.

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